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FroggieB Treasures

How we got started

We are Miles & Marcia Bradley. We began buying and selling on eBay in February of 1997. This was about the time we started collecting Flower frogs.

Our very first flower frog was given to Marcia by Miles Bradley Sr. (Miles' father, Marcia's Father in law) for displaying old marbles almost 2 years earlier. This was a medium sized clear glass block. Neither of us gave a thought to this plain little piece of glass until we were out antique and flea market shopping more than a year later. We found a beat up old amber block labeled as a hat pin holder. Wow! These things come in colors too! We found pink and green next, and then the real revelation, there were figures too!

What fun telling people we collect flower frogs! We have been asked some really good questions, like "Why is it a frog when it looks like an owl?", or "What kind of frog is it?" and my very favorite, "What do you feed them!". Because of this we also started collecting frogs of all sorts, including live ones. Of course, our flower frog collection has grown much larger than our frog collection since that is our main interest. It is this fanatical collection of Frogs and Flower frogs that helped us name our business, Froggie for the frogs, and B for Bradley, thus FroggieB Treasures was born.

Our collection has grown to over 600 pieces and still growing. It includes many plastic frogs still in the box, pin blocks still on their cards, metal frogs in their original box, as well as over 90 different glass and pottery blocks. There are assorted metal fish & animals too. Our pottery includes several birds, fish, frogs, ducks, turtles,a dragon, other animals, and a few beautiful ladies. We have pieces of Weller, Van Briggle, Roseville, Rosemeade, Rookwood, Cowan, Hull, Camark, MIJ, Fulper, Crown Ducal, Red Wing, Shawnee, McCoy, Niloak, Frankoma, Haeger, and too many others to list here! Our glass includes Cambridge, Viking, Co-Operative Flint, New Martinsville, L.E. Smith, German pressed glass figures, English blocks and bowls and many unidentified pieces. If you would like to see a sampling of our collection, just follow this link to our [Flower Frog Collection]

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