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Below are close up shots of some of my favorite Flower Frogs.
If you can identify any of these, please e-mail me and let me know.


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Last updated November 26, 2005

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Yankoware Japan Penguin
This was one of my first figural flower frogs and is still on the top of my favorites list. Wonderful MIJ Majolica type glaze give this little guy definite charm. On this piece the N's in YANKOWARE and JAPAN are both backwards!

Deco "Top Hat" Frog
Unmarked dancing frog with top hat. I believe this is a Made in Japan copy of a German Flower Frog.

MIJ Luster ware set
lusterware bowl and flower frog set in flower theme.

Rabbit - Italy(?)
Large white rabbit flower frog.

Golden Gate Pin frogs
No.1 round "Plas-Stik" pin type frog with "Plastite" suction ring for sticking it to the bowl. I did a rubbing of the bottom of the frog so that the picture would show the logo and manufacture information.
No. 57 Golden Gate Pin Flower Holder.

Carved design Italian pottery ball
I love the texture of this one and the contrast between the high gloss glaze and the unglazed pottery. What's even better is that this was one of those thrift store finds for under a dollar!

MIJ Moriage Frog Frog
This frog is similar to one of the Weller designs. This is unmarked porcelain and is exquisitly decorated.

Small Bunny Frog
This is an unmarked bunny. I have an old planter that looks just like him only larger. They make a wonderful pair.

German Pressed Glass Satin Set
This was a wonderful gift from my husband Christmas 2000. This is a four piece set that consists of the seagulls with fish in a wave below them. This is a peg figure and sits in the center hole of the separate flower frog. The bowl is done in a matching pattern with fish swimming all around. The entire set then sits on a pedestal. I have just recently learned from Bonnie Bull that this piece was made by August Walther & Söhne, a pressed glass manufacturer located in Ottendorf-Okrilla (near Dresden), Germany. I feel very lucky to have aquired this set complete.

MIJ Swan
This is a MIJ swan

A Wooden Frog?
I purchased this as a flower frog. The holes do go all the way thourgh, so, could it be? It is marked Garikka Made in Finland on the bottom.

Unmarked Deco Flowers
Unmarked but a striking design. The holes are nestled between the petals and smaller flowers. High gloss and intense color make this one of my favorites.

Unusual Metal Wire Frog
This is a real oddity. It is like a drum inside a drum. Tis double walled wire cage cylindar is missing much of the original paint but is otherwise in very good conditon.

Strange Zig Zag Frog
I have to believe that this is part of a group of pieces. It appears to have had a lot of brightly colored cold paint decorating it as there are reminants of blue, yellow and red on this piece. This is a real oddity!

Weller Daisy Frog
I have never seen this one in a book so don't know what line it is from, but it is a wonderful old piece. I love the colors and the soft glaze not to mention that daisys are my favorite flowers!

Cobalt Glass Block
This was my first cobalt glass block. It is very rough and the bottom was so badly damaged that it's previous owner had the bottom ground down. In spite of it's flaws it is a wonderful color and clarity. I have since aquired a smaller block with no damage.

Miniature bowl w/Frog
This is a tiny bowl with a tiny flower frog attached to the bottom. Unmarked.