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Read another breeder's opinion on wild caught reptiles

Read The Facts about Impots/Wild Caught Reptiles

Stop Pet Store Abuse Council

Did you know:

So, you may ask yourself "What does this have to do with me?"

  1. If you have an Acanthosarua sp. you have to realize that it is one of at least 3000 that were imported in the year you made your purchase! Now, ask yourself where are the other 2999+! How many of them are still alive? How many of those imported last year are still alive? If they are imported in such great numbers then where are they? If even half of the numbers imported lived beyond the first month then why don't we see these striking animals in more collections? Kind of scarey isn't it! And finally, what is the impact of this volume of importation on their native environment?
    • Be sure to click the link above after "Before you buy that Wild Caught reptile" to gain a full perspective of what these animals go through during importation!

  2. If you look at the number of species that have become invasive and if you pay attention to the fact that they do upset the natural balance of our own ecosystem then you realize that non-native reptile should never be released for any reason.

    • There are numerous reptile rescue groups throughout the world and they will take unwanted reptiles.
    • When you buy any pet you are making a committment to care for that pet and provide for it's needs as long as it lives.
    • If for some reason you are not able to keep this committment then act responsibly and place it in the care of a rescue or shelter.
    • If casual reptile owners continue to release non-native animals into the wild, whether it is released in a parking lot, park or field, or abandoned in a home, apartment or auto, the Humane Society will gain the ammunition it needs to ban keeping reptiles as pets. This is already the recommendation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, International Affairs

  3. If you think that you can't possibly make a difference, or that one more WC replite doesn't matter, Read this!

The bottom line is this;

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