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Read all about it: My article on Mountain Horned Dragons was published as the Cover Story of the October 2003 issue of Reptiles Magazine!

These are the Acanthosaura web pages. I have been working with Acanthosaura capras since March 28, 1999. I have been successfully incubating captive bred offspring since September 2000. This is a hobby turned into a passion. My goal is to offer healthy captive bred Mountain Horned Dragons to the herpetological world in the hope that maybe a few less wild specimens will have to suffer the indignities of capture, poor shipping conditions, and almost uncertain, premature death.

I am hoping to educate potential keepers in the proper care and breeding of this species. I feel that this is a highly under-rated animal that deserves the attention of hobbyists of all levels.

This is not a large breeding facility, but rather hobbyists that are working to promote a wonderful new animal. I have worked hard to establish WC breeders and am working toward the goal of producing a breeding group of F1 CB animals of diversified bloodlines.

I am not just "harvesting" eggs from WC imports before shipping them out to pet stores. These are true Captive Bred animals.

Please look around, you are sure to learn something new. Check my photo gallery and see why I am so excited about these animals. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. I will answer all serious e-mails personally.

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