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Before you buy that Wild Caught reptile, read this!

Meet our Mountain Horned Dragons

Welcome to my REPTILE photo album.

These are our Mountain Horned Dragons (Acanthasaura capra) also called Mountain Horned Lizard and Giant Mountain Lizard. Feel free to link to this page. We hope you enjoy these photos, but PLEASE, Don't Copy Them without Permission! - Thanks!

You can view additional photos in my Yahoo photo album by clicking here

Our Dragons
7/5/99 - Darla is the one with the bright yellow and gold colors. Darrell is the darker, less colorful lizard on the right. I have had these Horned Mountain Dragons since May of '99.
7/5/99 - Both Darla and Darrell are displaying, gular pouch extended and mouths open! This is not at all uncommon for Darla, but until today (7/5/99) I have never seen Darrell display! This was a pretty active display with Darrell lunging forward and back and bobbing his head up and down.
7/5/99 - Here is a closer look at Darla's display!
7/5/99 - A closer look at Darrell's display!
10/5/99 - Here is Darla 3 months after the above display session. She has really filled out!
10/22/99 - Here is Darla again about 17 days later. It doesn't show in the picture, but her sides are visibly lumpy and she is really hard.
10/5/99 - Here's Dixie, our newest addition. She is a beautiful female who has produced eggs before. She is a lot lighter than Darla and has more yellow where Darla tends to be more orange.
10/5/99 - Here are some shots of Darrell for contrast. Even in these pictures it is obvious that Darrell is the male. Notice the fullness at the base of his tail in the top view.
10/24/99 - On Sunday, October 24, 1999, Darla laid a clutch of 15 eggs. Here you see the tray of eggs in my homemade incubator.
11/15/99 - Here is a picture of my terrarium. I have described this and given dimensions above. The pic is a little dark because it's hard to fit a 4' wide item in the viewer of my digital camera! The arrangement is disorder right now because I've placed most of my plants around a box of peat to encourage the ladies to use it for laying eggs. Plants I have used are pothos, dracaena, rubber plant, and arrowhead plant.
11/15/99 - Here is a composite of pictures of Darrell, Dixie, Darla, and my method of feeding crickets. Darrell is really mellow and is comfortable anywhere. Darla has regained her normal weight now but needs to shed. I have been spraying her to try to help this along. Dixie is still beautiful as far as skin condition, but getting quite fat.

Last updated November 26, 2005

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