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Terms & Conditions

Before you buy that Wild Caught reptile, read this!

Our Guarantee:
Our animals are captives born on our premises. We will not sell an animal before it is established and eating well. Our animals are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of sale. If there is a problem you must contact us within 24 hours of receipt so that arrangements for replacement can be made. We reserve the right to hold shipments during periods of severe weather.

Reserving an Animal:
You may reserve any available animal with a 25% deposit. If the balance is not paid within 30 days, you will forfeit the deposit unless other arrangements have been made.

Payment Options:
All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. Accepted payment methods include postal money order, cashiers check, Visa/MasterCard.

Shipping costs include minimal box charge so there are no unexpected costs.

United States Postal Service Express Mail is our only legal option at this time.

USPS Express mail from my area is overnight to third day delivery and starts at $25.00

Finally, consider this before you buy:

The WC (wild caught) animals sell for $30 to $60 in most pet stores even though they are imported in mass quantities. They come in very sick and stressed.

In order to keep that $30-60 lizard alive you will have to pay for a fecal exam; costing a minimum of $25 and probably another $5 or more at the minimum for medications. If you add it up, that is $60-$90 for your WC lizard and that is the minimum if you are lucky enough to get a somewhat healthy one. I have spent as much as $150 on one animal and others have spent in excess of $200! So think about it before buying or "rescuing" that pet shop dragon!

Why I Breed MHDs:

I have been working with Acanthosaura capra, i.e. Mountain Horned Dragons, since March of 1999. My MHDs are not Captive Hatched from eggs harvested from new imports as are many of the babies you see in pet stores.

I have been successfully hatching F1 CBs since September of 2000 and have hatched F2 animals since spring of 2004.

I am doing all I can to promote the purchase of CB animals for the sake of the species. I do not breed MHDs for profit because the prices I ask don't even begin to cover the food let alone equipment and utilities. I am trying to make people aware of what a wonderful species this is and to hopefully prevent a few more WC MHDs from being taken from their home into captivity which is certain death for all but a few animals.

I am also trying to convince people that they have to spend money to keep their animals healthy whether they are WC or CB. Often the veterinary costs are far more than the purchase price of the animal. I spent well over $100 on a WC female with cloacial prolapse who eventually died in spite of our efforts. Often people buy a $30 lizard and don't want to pay $15 for the fecal exam! I have heard all sorts of excuses for not taking in a fecal sample:

Excuse: "I don't have a good reptile vet nearby"
Answer: Any vet can do a fecal float or smear!

Excuse: "I don't have a way to get to the vet, maybe my uncle will take me"
Answer: If a parent isn't going to help a child get medical care for a pet they shouldn't allow the purchase in the first place, but if the child is to take responsibility, take a bus!"

Personally I live 2 hours away from my reptile vet so I cold pack the sample and overnight it to my vet at a cost of $17 for the shipping alone. If one needs to be seen by the vet I take the drive! If you really care about your animal you will find a way to keep it healthy!

What makes me really perplexed about this is that the same people who make excuses for not taking their reptile to a vet usually wouldn't hesitate to take a free dog or cat to the vet. What is the difference? Both are living things and both are dependent on their owners to take care of feeding, housing, and health care. If you don't see the value of the animal, whether it has fur or scales, and are not willing to take care of it's health needs, DON'T BUY IT!!

Last updated November 26, 2005

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