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Acanthosaura lepidogaster (Mountain Horned Dragon)

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Male A. lepidogaster "Occifer"
This is his favorite vine, clear up at the top of the viv and he spends most of his time in this spot.
In the 3rd photo I found all four leps roaming and got a rare shot of him off of his vine!

Female A. lepidogaster "Lacy"
In the 2nd shot the new male just used Lacy as a vine and still has his back legs on her rump. It almost looks as though she is wishing him off of her back! In the 3rd shot you can see how round her belly has gotten. I am hoping she is gravid!

Male A. lepidogaster received Aug. 2005
This male is extremely colorful. He is also quite feisty and is the largest of the 4 leps.

Female A. lepidogaster received Aug. 2005
I was hoping this female was gravid as she was quite the fatty when I got her but alas, she pooed and I am doubtful that she is carrying eggs. She is the second largest of my group and the most bland in color. This may change as she settles in.

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